The long wait for Spotify

Hey Spotify, Let’s Rock Together!

We’re Post-Rock Nation, the cozy corner of the internet where Post-Rock thrives and echoes. We’re all about those expansive tunes that take you on an emotional rollercoaster, and we’ve been working hard to create a space where fans and artists can connect over their love for this niche genre.

You know, Spotify, we think you’re pretty cool. Your APIs are like a dream for music lovers and developers alike. They’re the backbone of our platform, helping us share the magic of post-rock with the world. We’ve got big plans, and you’re a huge part of them.

But here’s the thing – we’re kind of stuck. We’ve been waiting on the edge of our seats for over three months, hoping to get the green light from you. Our application is still in your queue, and our excitement is turning into a waiting game.

We’ve got ideas buzzing around that we’re itching to roll out. Imagine being able to sync your favorite Post-Rock tracks and artists from Spotify directly with Post-Rock Nation. Or logging into our site with just a click using your Spotify account. Cool, right?

We get it, you’re popular and your review list must be a mile long. But if you could, please throw a little love our way. Any help to speed up the process would mean the world to us. We’re not just building a platform; we’re building a community, a family of post-rock enthusiasts.

So, how about it? Let’s make some noise and bring our dreams to life. We’re ready when you are.

Spotify, if you’re reading this blog post, please reach out to us and we will make sure to do as much as necessary to ensure everything in your guidelines is followed and the review process is as smooth as possible!

With all the good vibes,
Post-Rock Nation






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