Celebrating a Milestone Together: 100K Views and Beyond!

Dear Post-Rock Nation Community,

Today, we’re not just celebrating an incredible milestone but also the spirit of collaboration and passion that brought us here. It’s with immense joy and gratitude that we announce Post-Rock Nation has surpassed 100,000 page views in March alone! This is a testament to the vibrant community we’ve built together, where artists and fans of post-rock music converge to share, discover, and celebrate the music we love.

From the outset, Post-Rock Nation was envisioned as a sanctuary for the soul-stirring melodies and expansive soundscapes that define our beloved genre. Since its inception during the last Christmas holidays, it has been a journey of continuous growth and innovation. Today, our platform boasts an array of features, including a robust search engine navigating over 95,000 albums, artists, and tracks, a bustling community forum, and a suite of services catering to every post-rock enthusiast’s needs.

None of this would have been possible without you—our dedicated fans, the talented bands, and every single user who has contributed to our community forum, reviewed an album, or simply enjoyed the music. Your encouragement and support have been the cornerstone of our success. I, Mahdi, founder of Post-Rock Nation, extend my heartfelt thanks to each one of you. This achievement is not mine alone; it belongs to all of us.

But let’s not rest on our laurels. The journey doesn’t end here. We’re committed to enhancing your experience and bringing even more features to enrich our platform. Keep an eye on our roadmap page for a sneak peek at the exciting updates we have in store for you.

Together, we’ve created a space that resonates with the echoes of post-rock from every corner of the globe. Let’s continue to nurture this community, explore the depths of post-rock, and set our sights on the next horizon.

Thank you for being an integral part of Post-Rock Nation. Here’s to many more milestones to come!

Rock on,
Mahdi and the Post-Rock Nation Family

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our roadmap at Post-Rock Nation Roadmap for all the upcoming features we’re excited to unveil!






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