Author: Man of Nibiru

  • 10 Post-Rock Songs You Must Hear

    10 Post-Rock Songs You Must Hear

    Post-rock is a genre that defies easy categorization, characterized by its use of rock instrumentation for non-rock purposes, favoring texture and atmosphere over traditional song structures. It’s a journey into expansive soundscapes, intricate rhythms, and emotional depths. Here, we delve into ten quintessential post-rock tracks that epitomize the genre’s breadth and beauty. 1. Godspeed You!…

  • Dunkfest 2024

    Dunkfest 2024

    dunk! festival without a doubt is my favorite Post-Rock festival of all time. I’ve had the chance to attend this amazing festival for the past 3 years. Dunk 2024 happened on 9-11 of May in the same concert hall Vooruit in Ghent, Belgium. Although the schedule was pretty compact I was able to catch some…