The Mantra Discord – The Lost Widow

The Lost Widow wastes no time in establishing what they’re all about. The opening title track’s somber guitars saturated with reverb set the mood. The crushing weight of sorrow is felt in an epic distortion-filled outro, accompanied by a feeling of acceptance that fades into the more reserved and contemplative Reach. 

Delay in abundance, soaring shimmering overtones, and ethereal atmosphere, this album begins to feel like a journey through the stages of grief.

Resting for Oblivion then quickly establishes itself as the most dynamic entry yet. Rhythmic changes expertly executed on drums take you on a journey of introspection in preparation for what’s to come. A fitting setup for the climax.

Watching the World Fall Apart Together is the catharsis we’ve been waiting for. What’s coming cannot be stopped. All that’s left is to embrace the end. A driving, droning guitar and brilliantly crescendoing drums lead to a brief and beautiful respite. A truly cinematic soundscape brings the release of all anxiety and fear, and the guitars and drums reaffirm their resolve to usher in oblivion. A tense violin solo drives home the point with a sharp, bittersweet serenade fitting for the end.

An emotionally charged ballad from start to finish. This one’s for the shoegaze and cinema fans.

Authored by Dan





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    Makar Homenko

    I’ll listen!

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    Makar Homenko

    SupeR! Thank you!

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