Spotify Login on Post-Rock Nation

It’s a great day for all of us in Post-Rock Nation! We’ve finally enabled login with Spotify on the website after six months of waiting for approval.

Building Post-Rock Nation is about bringing the best experience to Post Rock fans and enthusiasts. I’ve always had this mission in mind to build the best Post-Rock website out there for all of us to enjoy and celebrate this amazing musical genre.

As part of that objective, it is important to make Post-Rock Nation as easy as possible to use. This means introducing integration with services that we use daily.

Six months ago when I started working on Post-Rock Nation, I immediately thought of the Spotify login, something that probably could add a lot of opportunities to our users! but for that we needed a Spotify application, unfortunately despite how easy it was to create a Spotify app, rolling it out to the public required going through an approval process, something that I never expected to be this painful, the approval process of Post-Rock Nation on Spotify took me about 6 months.

Today however that long-lasting wait has come to an end, two days ago when I was at work I received an email notification on my phone from Spotify, and it was carrying the good news that we’ve finally got our application approved! and I can’t be any more excited than to announce that today I’ve enabled login with Spotify functionality on Post-Rock Nation!

But this is not everything, having integration with Spotify will enable us to introduce features to help you discover music even more easily! Songs that match your type of Post-Rock! today having our Spotify app live, it sets the beginning of better Post-Rock music discovery!

Let’s celebrate this together by sharing Post-Rock Nation with other Post-Rock fans.

Thanks for your Support,
Mahdi, Founder of Post-Rock Nation






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