Novere – ‘Nothing Stays Hidden in Daylight’

Novere – ‘Nothing Stays Hidden in Daylight

Novere is a Post-Metal band from London, UK

The opening track ‘Hydra‘ hammers in with a chugging riff, heavy growling vocals, well harmonized guitars and a hefty drum beat hall us into this Doom laden, haunting opening track.

Tribal-like vocals shape a tense atmosphere as steadily rising rolling drums & thunderous riffs rise toward an anthemic mid section. We reprise the main, bone shaking riff, with heavier vocals – ending on a hum of feedback

Aphelion‘ begins with a soft haunting vocal part and coupled light guitar, a lullaby that shapes a suspenseful atmosphere – before breaking into tight, satisfying yet still menacing guitar riffs. 

There are long atmospheric instrumental breakdowns coupled with more strong, melodic vocals, subtly harmonized, before a heavier driven climax. Again, there is a sense of melancholic energy. The riffs are powerful, and the dynamics are well crafted.

Dance Macabre‘ sees a softer approach, again well crafted and subtle. The vocals play a key role in driving us through this ghostly journey. The lyrics feel sincere and longing, while the instrumentation keeps us sitting on the edge of the space the band creates, an unexpected recess before the album’s heavier finish.

Cromlech‘ leads us in with a jagged bass and drum pairing before a cascade into growling vocals and driven, crunchy, brazen riffs and harmonies. The band displays a sense of considered angst – with frequent rhythm and intensity changes, breaks and interludes. We finish dissonant and chaotic – an apt way to end this journey of honest expression! 

There are lots of references here, from Opeth to Long Distant Calling, A Perfect Circle and Cult of Luna – though ultimately the band stylishly show off their clear experience in the genre, crafting something heavy, honest and unique of their own.

With elements of Doom, Metal and Post-Rock, in their own words the band “aims to translate the universe of Human emotions and psychological struggles” into their music.

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