Maestro’s Monster – We’ll Fight Till Our Guns Are Empty’

Single Review – Maestro’s Monster – “We’ll Fight Till Our Guns Are Empty’

Maestro’s Monster is a multi-instrumentalist Post-Rock artist hailing from South East London 

We’ll fight till our Guns run empty” was released June 2024.

Eerie and dissonant tremolo keys lead us in paired with a pulsing synth bass …. watery and spacious synth chords join as we progress with rhythmic Toms building to create a hallowed and suspenseful space.

There is a mechanical and almost sinister atmosphere here, as whirring, wiry keys interject with chuggy synth bass and a light twinkling piano melody creeping out of the synth chords. 

We wind up with a whaling high-sustain guitar guiding us over the precipice, as the guitar appears to be torn through different frequencies, before stabilizing into a crashing climax.

The composition as a whole is mysterious and uplifting, whilst the experimental use of synthesizers and the manipulation of guitar effects also lend themselves to a dissonant and unstable building of space.

After playing drums for a few bands in other genres, Matt decided to focus on the music he enjoyed listening to and thus pioneered his solo Instrumental project – ‘Maestro’s Monster’ – taking inspiration from such bands as: Sleepmakeswaves, Mogwai and Collapse Under The Empire, he composes, records and mixies everything himself as he continues to develop his craft within the genre he loves.

With some collaborations on the horizon and with another 9 singles released since the start of the year, watch out for more from this impressive solo artist!

Authored by Post-Rock London





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  1. Makar Homenko Avatar
    Makar Homenko

    Oh something new! Haven’t heard it before.

  2. Makar Homenko Avatar
    Makar Homenko

    I listened. I really liked it! Thanks friends!!!

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