Introducing Playlists

It’s a beautiful Saturday and I’m back with another blog post to announce a new feature just released on the site.

If you’ve had a look at our roadmap page before, your eyes probably caught “playlists” as something that we planned to ship a while ago.

Today I’m excited to announce that after a lot of hard work, we’re finally ready to bring playlists to Post-Rock Nation.

The playlist section of the website will list post-rock playlists on different platforms. of course, any user on Post-Rock Nation can share their favorite Post-Rock playlist on the site.

You’re also able to like the playlists, this way our users can sort the playlists with the number of likes.

We think this is a very nice feature to share more good post-rock music with others, especially for those of us who are looking to discover more bands and more music and are not sure where to start.

Currently, we support playlists from two platforms YouTube Music and Spotify. sharing a playlist on Post-Rock Nation is easy, all you have to do is to submit the playlist URL in the designated form. of course, we have to do a quick check to make sure the playlist actually contains Post-Rock content before making it live on the website.

whether you’re looking for something to put on for a walk, work, or study, a post-rock playlist could be a perfect option for that.

You can check playlists today, if you know of a good playlist that is not already listed on our site, feel free to share it with the rest of our awesome users.

I hope you’re just as excited as ours about the playlists! Join us today and let us build the best community for Post-Rock Music.






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