Dunkfest 2024

dunk! festival without a doubt is my favorite Post-Rock festival of all time. I’ve had the chance to attend this amazing festival for the past 3 years.

Dunk 2024 happened on 9-11 of May in the same concert hall Vooruit in Ghent, Belgium.

Although the schedule was pretty compact I was able to catch some outstanding performances from various bands and artists.

Since I won’t be able to mention all of the shows I attended, I’ll be sharing some of the top memorable ones I liked the most with photo galleries.

Goodbye Meteor

I saw Goodbye Meteor for the first time in Dunk24, and I can say it was definitely one of the most amazing music I heard in Dunk. Goodbye Meteor describes itself as “immersive and solar post-rock”, and I have to say they can’t be more right about that.

Their tune and melody were the right kind of material it takes for post-rock songs to take you to the absolute journey of bliss, and emotions, melancholy and I happened to enjoy that in a 40-minute play.

if you have not checked them out I highly suggest give this amazing band from France a try.


Sleepmakeswaves from Australia was the main headline for Dunk 2024 and it was absolutely the right choice. This band can absolutely take you to the highest of excitement and joy with its strong and heavy melodies led by an amazing bass.

sleepmakeswaves if not the best was definitely one of the top Post-Rock performances I’ve ever witnessed in my life.

The show they put out there was absolutely stunning, most of the time during the show I was contemplating whether to choose between letting go and headbanging with their song or simply watching the performance happening before my eyes.

This Will Destroy You

The last time I happened to watch This Will Destroy You was about 10 years ago in Malaysia, when they had the previous band structure which I still miss today.

This Will Destroy You’s show on Dunk 2024 was definitely one of the most memorable performances of the festival, although the band consists of new members I can say the intensity of their songs and the strong emotions I experienced a decade ago were exactly the same with what they did on Dunk!

Lost in Kiev

Lost in Kiev with no doubt puts one of the cleanest performances out there among Post-Rock bands! I first happened to watch them live at the Concretion festival in Italy and since then they have been one of the best-performing Post-Rock bands on my list.

Their songs as simple as they can be to digest, can quickly submerge you into emotions and depth of melancholic experiences yet being so satisfying and joyful for the listener.

I have always been a fan of watching Lost in Kiev live, and I highly suggest you to check them out.


I’ve never heard of Jambinai before dunk 2024, and that for me gives them the spot of “finding a hidden gem” among most of the bands.

Jambinai from Korea was definitely one of the most unique and amazing performances of the dunk!

Epic tunes and heavy guitar mixed with Lee ll-woo’s vocals and outstanding performances of haegeum and geomungo by Kim Bo-mi and Yu Byeong-koo was just what you need to be blown off your mind while watching and listening to a brand new Post-Rock band you’ve just discovered.

Wang Wen

I got to know of “Wang Wen” because of “pg.lost”, and on Dunk 2024 I had the chance to listen to them live for the first time.

Wang Wen did an amazing show for all of us listeners out there, their songs was amazing, epic, emotional, and heavy, it resembled som of the emotions that I usually feel when listening to MONO.

Among the other bands I’ve enjoyed the most I have to mention RANGES, Din of Celestial Birds, SPURV, Maserati, Oh Hiroshima.






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